ITAS: Stories from the Field – Vol 2

The continuing saga, of things gone wrong in your projects…
Of course, even MORE lessons learned!!!

What is it like to be engaged on an IT project when it turns into a horror story?!  Twenty-nine prominent IT professionals describe their most challenging datacenter projects and provide insight into why failures occurred, including lessons learned and what they would have done differently. 

Recommended reading for members of the IT community who deliver IT solution in the field and want to avoid learning the hard way.

The book can be found on Lulu

Abdullah Abdullah
John Yani Arrasjid
Doug Baer
Graham Barker
Matthieu Braga
Joe Clarke
Paul Cradduck
Sachin Dharmadhikari
Tony Foster
Michael Francis
Mark Gabryjelski
Wesley Geelhoed
Faisal Hasan
Wade Holmes
Will Huber
Steve Kaplan
Phoebe Kim
Jeffrey Kusters
Marco Lopez
Paul McSharry
Christian Mohn
Chris Noon
Pawel Piotrowski
Russell Pope
Chris Porter
Samir Roshan
Yves Sandfort
Matthew Wood
Jason Yeo