2020 – New book coming for summer reading

Finally! The IT Architect Series is getting another release!

More coming as we get through the initial writings, but this next release will be a fun read, with good takeaways for the reader.
Which audience?
Anyone who is looking to be a leader of a team, project, or even those looking to enable themselves to be an architect.

As we get closer to the publishing date (June probably), we’ll provide more information.

Other books are in the works as well, but it is very hard to write, and hit the goals ITASeries has for itself….to provide the logical approach to problem solving in the world of IT.
It may be possible that one or two of these int the works could see 2020 as publication potentials, but probably not for the summer reading list.

Have had quite a few comments asking about registering the book to get additional information.
While we had planned on requiring registration, any content that is available not he ITASeries site is available to all, not just those who have purchased the book.
This decision was made to enable the community, and not lock things up behind a paywall.