Chris McCain

Chris McCain has worked in the enterprise information technology space for over 14 years as a consultant, trainer, and author. In 2008, Chris authored the first book on VMware technologies, Mastering VMware Infrastructure 3 opening the doors for thousands of folks to begin their journey during VMware’s first period of IT disruption with compute virtualization. Chris is now a director in the networking and security business unit at VMware where he is helping to once again change the landscape of data centers and IT organizations around the world with network virtualization. In addition to being a dual VCDX in Data Center Virtualization (DCV) and Network Virtualization (NV), Chris holds enterprise certifications from Microsoft and Cisco as well as the status of VMware Certified Instructor (VCI).  Chris lives in St Petersburg, FL with his wife, two sons, and a dog. You can follow Chris on Twitter as @hcmccain.